An Easy Way to Freshen Up An Old Bathroom

I am in the process of freshening up my home for the holidays. One room I constantly neglect is my son’s bathroom. The vanity top and the shower surround were light pink, a very popular color in the 80’s when the house was built.

The vanity was easy.  I purchased a Swanstone vanity top and new hardware. I painted the tired oak vanity base a pretty blue and voila, instant update.

The shower surround was another issue.  There are many options from installing a new surround over the old one, replacing it or having it refinished. After looking into a number of options, the refunding was clearly the most cost effective so I though I would give it a try.

I contacted New Look Refinishing and they were extremely easy to work with.  The serviceman carefully covered all the fixtures as well as the vanity to protect them from overspray.  He walked through the process with me and got to work. He was here approximatley 4 hours and when he was done I had a new shower.

I am so delighted with the outcome and highly suggest it to anyone looking for a cost effective, no hassle way to freshen up a tub, sink, countertop…even tile.

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished bathroom, coming soon.



Add Some Luxury to Your Bathroom

Our home was built in the late 80’s and while out master bath is neutral, it is definitely in need of some updates.  Of course I would like to gut the entire thing and start from scratch, but that’s not exactly an option right now.  So update it is.  And while I have been pouring over ideas, I came across a few items I am sure will give me that retreat I am looking for.


I dream of a warm soak in a eep tub with a glass of champagne and a candle at my side.  With this rolling valet from Frontage you can keep all those little items close at hand. So, soak away.


When you step out of a bath or shower, wrap yourself in a nice plush towel.  Now let’s face it, most of us haven’t purchased new towels since we moved into our homes. Well it’s time to replace those worn and ripped old things.  Try these Ralph Lauren Towels from Bloomingdales. They are soft, cozy and come in a rainbow of colors.


And to keep those towels nice and warm, this towel warmer from Brookstone does the job. It may look small but it can warm two large towels at once.


Lastly, do you sing in the shower like I do?  Then stream your favorite tunes through this waterproof bluetooth speaker. from Brookstone. The little tail is flexible so you can wrap it around anything and use it anywhere.  The tail is also removable so you have the option of using the suction cup at the bottom.