It’s Easy Being Green

Where have I been? Well, truth be told I was enjoying the wonderful weather of summer and taking a little break.  But now, I’m back and recharged! So, let’s start sharing…

For several years now, the soft, neutral look has played a major part in interior design. Soft grays and beiges have dominated creating a clean and soothing look. But are times changing?

New decorating trends indicate the bold color is making a comeback, and in my opinion, not a moment too soon. One color I have seen popping up quite a bit is green. Both on the runway and home design, green is taking center stage.


(photo: Elle Decor)

This beautiful kitchen was designed by Kelly Wearstler for actress Cameron Diaz. The emerald green cabinets beautifully set off the brass backsplash and fixtures.


(photo: Traditional Home)

Designer Kat Burkis created this bright and airy dressing room in chartreuse and apple-green. “Strong colors supply meaning and definition that give these areas special significance,” she says.


(photo: Traditional Home)

Wouldn’t you love to fall asleep in this elegant and soothing bedroom. The green walls and floral prints give a nod to nature and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Now if you’re ready to infuse some green to your home but don’t want to as far as these designers, start small with one of these pieces…




Jonathan Adler


Worlds Away


Serena and Lilly


As I was writing this post last evening I was watching the 2016 Emmy Awards. Look how beautiful these green dresses look on the red carpet.

Kathryn Hahn
Tina Fey
Sarah Paulson

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