Fashion and Home Decor Unite

In addition to interior design, I have a weakness for fashion.  And the two aren’t mutually exclusive.  As a matter of fact, home decor often takes it’s inspiration from the fashion runways. In the past, home decor often lagged behind the runways a few years but what struck me this year is how the two have become so much more cohesive as if to suggest they are working from the same inspirations.

Fur was all over the runway for fall 2015.  And, it has certainly made it’s way into our wardrobes and into our interiors. Whether it is real or faux, it’s luxe nature adds an element of richness and sophistication.

hellessy-001-1366                 sheep_bench_l
Hellessy                                                                         Jonathan Adler

Metallics are another big trend. For the past few years, gold and brass have made a big return to home decor where nickel and stainless steel have previously been the go to finish.  In the fashion world, metallics are showing up on everything from shoes to dresses to leather jackets. Add one element to your home or wardrobe for a splash of glamour.

NMT9ZHQ_mk           HC-4NG5_ax

Pamella Roland                                                         Bernhardt

Fringe can be fun and flirty when added to furniture or clothing.  It’s soft texture adds and unexpected layer of dimension that is playful and fashion forward.

NMTAVD5_mk            338783b35b634983a9adbe38bcb94ff1

ThePerfext                                                                       Arhaus

Don’t be afraid to introduce one or all of these trends into your home decor or wardrobe.  Just remember, a little goes a long way. Start with one or two pieces and work them into your basics.  And remember…just have fun!

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