Fall Mantel Decorating

Fall is in the air and one of my favorite ways to decorate is to dress up my mantel.  The mantel is an easy way to infuse a little seasonal or holiday style into your home without a great deal of expense.  The beautiful colors of the season also add a warmth to your home that makes it feel cozy and inviting.

One of the most cost effective ways to accomplish looks like you see here, is to collect things from nature.  Go outside and collect acorns and put them in a beautiful glass jar.  Pick up some branches.  Leave them natural or spray paint them in gold or bronze and place them in a vase.  Add some candles and a colorful plant and voila, you have a gorgeous and festive fall mantel.

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Don’t have a mantel?  No problem.  You can create the same feel by adding any of these elements to a table in your kitchen, family room, entryway, etc.

Wherever you choose to decorate, have fun and surround yourself with the beautiful richness of the season.

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