Looking Past the Obvious

It’s no secret that the Kindel dresser is one of my favorite finds.  It just screams elegance and timelessness, so I started thinking about where it might fit in my home.  Our master bedroom seemed like the most obvious place, but I just love using beautiful pieces in more unexpected ways.  I find it truly gives my home the more eclectic feel I’m going for.  So thanks to my very strong and very patient husband, I had him move the dresser around the house for me.

First we moved it to our foyer.

kindel in entry                kindel in entry2

I think it looks beautiful there. What a perfect piece to create a dramatic entrance and be useful as well.  Just drop your keys in the little bowl and they will never get lost and store your gloves in one of the drawers.  Every morning, it;s just grab and go.

The next stop was our master bathroom.

kindel in bath

I just fell in love with it here.  Imagine seeing this every morning as you go in to the a shower.  Place your favorite bath sals and waves on the top and fill the drawers with some fluffy towels.  Keeps everything looking put together and  stylish.

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