Getting My Keys

When I finally received the keys to my new store I couldn’t have been more excited. I immediately rushed over to the space and began taking pictures and measurements. My mind started filling with ideas and thoughts about how I would layout the space, how I would decorate, where I would place the pieces I already have…

Then my husband, the practical man that he is, reminded me of all the work we had to complete first… licencing insurance, cable, electrical work… What a buzz kill. But he was right. First things first. So for a while I’ll just have to wait on all those ideas.

Here are some pics before I got my hands on it…

.Nest Interior 1

When you first walk in there are these ugly old staines white curtains covering the mechanicals.  Those definitely need to be replaced.  Above the curtains is a really nice wide shelf that will be great for displaying items.

nest interior 2

I really do love this safe door that connects to the next room.  In fact the back room was the safe at this old mill.  I should be well protected in there.

nest interior 3

This is the inside of the safe. Not pretty, but a nice clean palette for me to work with.

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