What’s In A Name

Coming up with a name was a fun exercise in creativity. Friends and I threw around option after option and nothing seemed to feel right. Then one afternoon I was sitting on our back deck watching a robin that has been the watchman of our property all summer long. I assume he must be standing guard over a nest or nests he has built in our trees.

I began to think about what actually went in to building a nest. A little of this, a little of that. Something strong and sturdy and something soft and warm. Something old and worn and something shiny and new. That’s what makes a nest a home. A safe and comfortable place to raise baby birds.

That’s when I decided on A Fine Feathered Nest because my design philosophy is the same as those birds. A mixture of beautiful things brought together to create a beautiful home.


Hello world!

Welcome to A Fine Feathered Nest.  This is my blog detailing my life starting my own little second hand furniture and decor boutique.

I hope to share with you my experiences, learning moments, insights and other interesting things that happen along the way.  I’ll also be posting articles and ideas about living a life surrounded by loveliness.

After all, life can be hard and draining.  Why not make the place you call home the sanctuary you always dreamed of.  We can do it together!